This is still in the early stages. For your average American on the street, this isn't something that he's into.

And you can get a sit-down [meal] usually much cheaper at lunch than you can at dinner. So why not splurge on the midday meal and then try to economize later in the day?

If you look at the trend in Internet media, it's all about giving consumers control. You don't have to be unsatisfied by your local radio. You can find someone out there who's putting out what you want to hear.

It didn't seem like a bad idea.

They're very aggressive of courting broadcast coverage. They go for the big blowout. It's certainly going to give them space on the cable-TV dial.

At the very least, even if you don't get a discounted ticket, by buying in advance you'll have that ticket in hand and you won't waste time early in the morning in line when you could be going out onto the rides themselves.

Doing things like this certainly increases Disney World's visibility in the minds of travelers. This will certainly make people think more of a Disney World vacation.