Having been a Home Depot supplier for many years, I am well aware of how the company has established itself as a true retailing leader.

The economy has fought us every step of the way, and for us to have delivered that kind of result is a real tribute to the men and women of this company, ... We've been encouraged most recently with lumber prices starting to firm up, and we're very pleased with lawn and garden starting to firm up. People are reinvesting in the exteriors of their homes that were brutalized by the long winter.

Makes it necessary to take actions to ensure our continued worldwide leadership.

The global marketplace for power generation equipment and services is turbulent and exceedingly competitive.

The increasing strength of our balance sheet and improving fundamentals in sales and margins are allowing us to stay on strategy this year as we did last year and invest for the future as we continue to seek out new sources of growth and opportunity.

We continue to execute our growth strategy laid out five years ago to enhance our core retail business, extend our business into adjacent areas and expand into new markets.

With their merchandising savvy and competitive drive, these three talented executives will be instrumental in improving our ability to serve our customers with product selection and pricing that leads the industry, while building operational efficiency for our shareholders.