It's a heroic-type story. (It's) something that should be acknowledged.

For those new to the search engine marketing space, it would seem logical to conclude that based upon the vast number of marketers participating in pay per click advertising that it would be a more lucrative channel than natural search engine optimization – which is known to involve a lot more work. But, the numbers speak for themselves.

I don't know of any town on the Cape that has that position. Towns have hired consultants but not their own paid person.

We typically find that the best route is to groom from within.

I did one mass layoff in '98-'99 and it really harmed the culture.

It's been kind of a tough go this year in terms of the cost structure and we thought it was working its way out. Now this is another hurdle to get over. This may well extend the pause that we've seen in the construction-start figures this year.

What I look at is, the way the town makes revenue in the guise of protecting environment, ... It sounds like a money-making machine for them ... They're thinking green, as in money.

In the latter part of 2003-2004, steel prices just shot up dramatically, in part, due to increased global demand.

This study contains some important messages for online merchants. If the vast majority of Internet users are performing their shopping research through the use of general search engines, it is obviously critical that online merchants' websites and products be easily found on branded and non-branded searches in the major search engines.