Robert Moog
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"Robert Arthur "Bob" Moog", founder of Moog Music, was an American pioneer of electronic music, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer.

Moog's innovative electronic design is employed in numerous synthesizers including the Minimoog Model D, Minimoog Voyager, Little Phatty, Sub 37, Moog Taurus Bass Pedals, Moog Minitaur, and the Moogerfooger line of effects pedals.

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I'm an engineer. I see myself as a toolmaker and the musicians are my customers, ... They use my tools.

When I opened the T-burg shop, I thought I was going into the electronic kit business, ... Then I met a composer who wanted to make electronic music on tape. We got together just for fun.

It's certainly more than a technological activity, although we instrument designers certainly use electronic technology as a design tool. But I wouldn't call it an artistic activity. We're toolmakers. Making tools is a craft, maybe even a high craft. I'd say that we are craftsmen rather than artists.

One always has to remember these days where the garbage pail is, because it's so easy to make sounds, and to put sounds together into something that appears to be music, but it's just as hard as it always was to make good music.

I was never worried that synthesizers would replace musicians. First of all, you have to be a musician in order to make music with a synthesizer.

My training as an engineer has enabled me to design the stuff, but the reason I do it is not to make music but for the opportunity to work with musicians.

When a pianist sits down and does a virtuoso performance he is in a technical sense transmitting more information to a machine than any other human activity involving machinery allows.

I'm an engineer, ... I see myself as a toolmaker, and the musicians are my customers. They use the tools.

To me the synthesizer was always a source of new sounds that musicians could use to expand the range of possibilities for making music.