"Robert A. Milton" was the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of ACE Aviation Holdings/ACE Aviation Holdings Inc., the parent company of Air Canada, from 2004 to 2012. He is also a former Chairman, President and CEO of Air Canada.

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We are pleased negotiations involving Canada and the U.S. on this important aviation agreement have resulted in such a successful conclusion.

These results for the third quarter, traditionally our best, are the strongest results reported by any North American carrier for the period and reflect our ability to now achieve North American industry leading levels of profitability versus low cost carriers as well as legacy carriers.

It will create substantial benefits for consumers by generating more choice.

It will create substantial benefits for consumers by generating more choice and will contribute to the long-term health and competitiveness of our North American industry.

We had SARS and no passengers. Therefore doing something draconian like that seemed reasonable.

This new agreement with Canada's largest trade and aviation partner will ensure the North American industry is in step with current international airline policies.

Air Canada has long advocated the further liberalization of our shared skies so that we can better link our expanded North American network to our growing international network.

The year kicks off with the efforts on Jazz.

Our logic was: there's nothing more depressing than taking a whacking great pay cut. I'd increase pay to get the productivity stuff because the productivity piece gnaws at you day in and day out.