They'll only be limited by what the market can bear.

In the short-term, you're probably not going to see much of a change.

If someone rips you off, it's a real mess to clean up.

Just pay attention. Make sure you're not given a product you don't want.

Making the minimum payment ... is probably one of the biggest expenses any consumer can make, ... You can end up paying for this Christmas for years to come.

Play by the rules, ... Don't give them any reason to take it [a better rate] away or penalize you in any way.

Don't be swayed by bells and whistles, like reward programs or miles. A lot of consumers are drawn to these, but if you carry a balance, the interest rate may not be worth it.

Creditors get nervous if they see a lot of inquiries in your credit history, ... They may think you're ready to leave the country or something if you just applied for 40 cards.

There's a lot of unbelievable offers out there that sound too good to be true. A lot of consumers sign up for these deals and don't even realize when they get something different.