Credit remains widely available for both consumers and businesses despite higher interest rates. However, consumer borrowing is likely to slow as housing markets cool. Business borrowing should take up some of the slack.

This means a lot to me because we are all in this together. The airline industry is a family and this is my way of giving back to an industry that has been good for me.

An explosion in a coal mine has been compared to being in the barrel of a shotgun. It's going to expel outward from where the ignition occurs.

As home prices level off, so will the growth of equity that has supported consumer spending in the past. The impact from higher interest rates on home equity loans and adjustable rate mortgages will combine with stubbornly high energy prices to squeeze discretionary spending.

The balance of risk is shifting from inflation to slower growth.

This is my first time attending this one. It's a good one, very educational.

Some of the steam has come off the housing market, but the decline in activity will be gradual and orderly.