Robert Massey
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"Robert Lee Massey" is a former American football cornerback who played for five teams in the National Football League/NFL from 1989 to 1997. Massey was selected to the Pro Bowl in 1992. He played college football at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina, and is the current head football coach at Shaw University

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I'm not worried about him. He brings some age and stability to the program. He had great success here, and he's a great coach and recruiter. He still has a home in the area.

See, that's what I mean. We can't do things like that. We can't shoot ourselves in the foot and give things away.

It's because the stuff we did, ... is stuff that will get you beat.

It is clear that he obtained access from United Nations sources to information that he in turn passed on.

Although predicting the motion of a particular star is hard over a long period, many astronomers seek to model the general motion of stars around the galaxy.

So is the head coach.

He's the front-runner right now. You tell Jason something and he picks it right up. He commands the respect from the guys.

It was fortunate for Ben that he was given the opportunity to return to the NFL as a coach. The powers that be (at Livingstone) felt, why shop around when you've got a guy in place?

Right now, he's probably our second-string quarterback. He's a lot like Mitchell. He has great leadership skills.