God has presented this opportunity for us and we are stepping up to the plate. The pastor knows the area we work in and makes it much easier.

Where else do you have a thousand-dollar item sitting on a table in a coffee shop?

In the end, he did not fully validate the recent decline in the market's Fed tightening expectations.

If the difference is made up through cuts to public services - like transportation infrastructure, education - then the overall effect on the economy of incentives can end up being negative.

He began his final short journey to the only judgment that mattered to him and for which he lived his entire extraordinary life.

A lot of new companies are coming here, and I came because I think it's a good idea to know more about the companies you want to work for.

There's been a lot of volatility in emerging markets but in the majors, very little.

The dollar's off its highs, but in relative terms it's holding at fairly firm levels. I wouldn't call it offered.