"Robert Lowry" is the name of:

* Robert Lowry (governor) (1831–1910), American politician, governor of Mississippi

* Robert Lowry (hymn writer) (1826–1899), American professor of literature, Baptist minister and composer of gospel hymns

* Robert Lowry (Indiana) (1824–1904), American politician, U.S. Representative from Indiana

* Robert Lowry (writer) (1919–1994), American novelist, short story writer and independent press publisher

* Robert Lowry, Baron Lowry (1919–1999), Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland and a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary

* Robert Lowry (Royal Navy officer) (1854-1920), British admiral

* Robert William Lowry, printer

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I have not heard of anything like this.

People will not drive down a road where they have to go through barricades and stuff to get through, and it will be closed for a period of time, I'm sure.