I both see families that let children date at a young age and parents who put restrictions on their child, and I truly believe children should be in youth groups and only hanging out with children in groups.

I think not dating reduces drama and kids are just too young emotionally to handle drama, ... Encouraging kids to grow athletically, spiritually, artistically, culturally, all that is beautiful. I know some therapists would argue with me and say they are missing out on some social interaction, but I actually think it protects them emotionally through vulnerable years.

I can move on to other things and forget about this, that's all I wanted from this.

And started a process of change.

France is fairly egalitarian — for Frenchmen. You have to be a Frenchman, or become one.

This is an important milestone both for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and the American orchestra industry. For the first time, an American orchestra is making available its archives on iTunes and other commercial download sites, finally realizing the promise of the groundbreaking AF of M (American Federation of Musicians) Internet Agreement of 2000.

The first letter I received was that they froze my bank account, my checking account.

That's self-explanatory - what it's gonna do to me if I can't drive.

I did enough - I've been through enough. I don't need this anymore.