[The council] looks like a free-for-all, but it's just one person: Jerry. The rest of us work together.

The American Army has supplied, assigned a very capable man to me, to help me, bring me to military justice. I don't think I need no civilians. All I want to do is clear myself with the American Army.

A number of Americans were used, most often unwillingly, by North Korea to arm spies with English-speaking skills so they could target American interests in South Korea and beyond.

It was not my intention whatsoever for the Japanese government to try to get me out of trouble. And I really appreciate the Japanese government for all they have done for me.

He's a downright liar, ... He's so full of [it].

The reason I agreed to go to Indonesia because at one time it was a socialist country for one year-that was under Sukarno.

You get too many people living in one area, and you're bound to have conflict.

I made a big mistake of my life.

Had their own agenda. They didn't care what anyone other than a certain group [of residents] thought.