I'm not happy with either party on national security. We have a lot of politicians but not a lot of statesmen.

[Technological hurdles remain daunting, but that hasn't stopped] people with gleam in their eyes, ... I think Shell has something that could turn out successful. They've been working on this technology for a long time.

While the use of pesticides has resulted in a wide range of benefits to control weeds, insects and other pests, including increased food production and reduction of insect-borne disease, their use also raises questions about possible effects on the environment, including water quality.

You never saw one without seeing the other. They were admired and respected by everybody. They were known for their smiles.

Trash half the vehicles out there.

I'd just as soon they shut (Congress) down for a few years. All they do is keep passing laws and figuring out ways to spend our money.

I'd just as soon they shut Congress down for a few years.

The students at Ocean Springs High school were not handling it very well. It's been a difficult year for the whole community. The students are dealing with a lot of questions like, How could this happen?' It puts things in perspective for them in terms of what's important.

She has basically led us into and through No Child Left Behind, with a glowing record, I might add.