Robert Grossman
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"Robert Grossman" is an American painter, sculptor, filmmaker, and author.

In a career spanning fifty years, Grossman's illustrations have appeared over 500 times on the covers of various national publications. TIME, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Esquire (magazine)/Esquire, TV Guide, Sports Illustrated, The Times, The Nation, The New York Observer, The Atlantic Monthly, The New Republic, Evergreen Review, New York (magazine)/New York magazine, National Lampoon (magazine)/National Lampoon, and The New York Times have all published illustrations by him. His work has appeared in children's books, including The 18th Emergency (text by Betsy C. Byers), and What Could a Hippopotamus Be? (text by Mike Thaler). He has created album covers for Columbia Records/Columbia, Epic Records/Epic, Warner Bros. Records/Warner Bros., and United Artists Records/United Artists.

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He lost many friends of his that he was very close with.

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I think everyone was really so shocked, ... There was really surprisingly little discussion.

I said to myself, 'This is not a survivable wound.'

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