I've been to two Olympics and various other major events, and this village is awesome.

The problem with VPNs and notebook computers is that firewalls are being bypassed by remote dial-in users, ... When we've put our software on a lot of people's machines, we see virtually everyone will undergo a hacker attack within just a few weeks.

When an AOL client connects, the AOL server sends back more information than they expect, ... The buffer that they reserved was 256 bytes. For that buffer, what AOL sends is 256 bytes and then 24 bytes extra ... to overflow it.

We see three types of hackers out there, ... There are voyeurs, like peeping toms; graffiti artists that trash the Web site and tell their friends; and criminals who steal things, such as customer lists.

[Hackers] could interpose themselves between the AOL server and the client and then change the AOL overflow to their own overflow that then breaks into the system.

I was in an accident about six or seven months ago and he helped me out.