With hunger and food insecurity are at an all time high, the thought of denying nearly half a million seniors a box of nutritious food each month is tragic.

H-E-B embodies an incredible level of dedication in helping end hunger. This is demonstrated through its generous donations of food, funds and volunteers.

Millions of Americans rely every month on the agencies we serve. Millions of others are living less than one paycheck away from hunger. When people hit sudden hard times including illness, loss of a job, or disruption in health insurance, they are forced to turn to the America's Second Harvest Network for help.

The more than 1 million volunteers who support the America's Second Harvest Network each year are critical to the work we do, and ultimately to the improving the lives of the 25 million Americans we serve each year.

We commend the House Agriculture Committee for considering the needs of our food banks the critical role we play in providing emergency food assistance to tens of thousands of Hurricane Katrina victims. We look forward to working with Congress in the coming months on securing funding to ensure we can continue meeting the increased demands.

It is tragic and alarming that more and more people are relying on emergency food assistance in the United States, where we produce enough food to feed every hungry person in the world.

Hunger was a reality for more than 36 million Americans before Hurricane Katrina hit and today tens of thousands more people are in search of a meal. Our Network has been serving the needs of our neighbors for 25 years and we will continue to do so for as long as we are needed.