It's been very hard, very difficult.

Traditional networks take an evolutionary approach in responding to changing needs and usage patterns. If additional capacity or enhanced functionality was not originally designed in, those needs often go unmet. Leveraging our core technology and integration skills, we take a revolutionary approach to rapidly deploy 'on demand' networks.

We start by looking at our customers' needs, what they currently have and determine where the gaps are. Using our toolkit, we then design, build and deploy a solution that meets those needs. In this increasingly 'on demand' world, Sudden Network™ Solutions enables us to rapidly and cost-effectively meet our customers' ever-evolving connectivity needs.

I continue to like oil service plays and this one fits that bill real good. I think they're in a good spot in which they have relatively high horsepower rigs. With drilling demand currently, those are more likely to be in demand.

Courts don't have enough resources to give everyone a trial.

This is going to be the place to be on Memorial Day, especially for families, a place to see what Memorial Day is all about. It's going to be a very impressive ceremony and parade.

Once we get past the immediate repercussions of yesterday's violence, we will see things stabilize again.

He's come to grips with facing these charges and handling them in an appropriate manner.