He told her the defendant needs attention from a mental health professional. He said she needs to take her medication.

[Emerald attorney Robert Clifford also pointed out that the portion of the tape played was only a two-and-a-half minute piece of a five-hour conversation and that the testimony was part of the gaming board's effort to yank Emerald's license by sullying Rosemont's reputation.] Is this fair to produce this? ... I don't think so.

Enforcement alone is not going to stop the root causes of this gang. We've got to reduce the supply of kids.

What the CDC has been asked to do is to make sure major metropolitan areas have increased funding in order to prepare for bio, natural or manmade disaster.

It's not only disheartening, it's crazy.

Is this fair to produce this? I don't think so.

This hearing was all about preventing this casino from going to the Village of Rosemont.

This investment has been wiped out today. It's been wiped out on this Christmas Eve. We have nothing.