I think Wal-Mart would be best advised to take care of its existing customers as opposed to reaching up and trying to curry the favor of a more affluent customer.

Paul Pressler may be the wrong person to run the Gap.

The department stores did better than I expected to do. It was a decent performance in a tough environment for retail sales.

There's no question that Wal-Mart is 'taking the gloves off' on price heading into the holiday.

This looks to be a relatively inexpensive, potentially important intervention that farmers can do; hay is lot cheaper than oats.

I think they are better with one entity rather than two. But it will be tough even with the merged entity to compete with the Federated juggernaut.

[Wal-Mart] has missed a lot of fashion over the last six months or so, ... There's been a big change in the Wal-Mart customer. Their core customer is much more with it now in a fashion sense.

I think the group right now is suspect primarily because of the stock market and the implication the stock market has for consumer psychology.

It's quite rewarding to see the kids light up and really change their lives.