"Robert Berry" is an American guitarist, vocalist and Record producer/producer, best known for his work with Hush (American band)/Hush, 3 (1980s band)/3, Ambrosia (band)/Ambrosia, Alliance (band)/Alliance, and Sammy Hagar#Los Tres Gusanos (1993-1996, 2002, 2005-present)/Los Tres Gusanos.

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Mention Old Yeller and people almost start to tear up right away. Although none of us have to take our dogs into the backyard and kill them with a shotgun these days, (the story) still reminds us of how finite life can be.

They were sent in to lie, and they were prescribed very low-grade painkillers. It was the viewpoint of some overzealous law enforcement officers that something untoward was happening, when it was an overblown interpretation of events.