I don't believe the businessmen out there would sign a 10-year contract.

One telling statistic is that, of the 100 fastest-growing counties, 15 are in Florida -- and that's more than any other state.

When you do it for one doctor and don't do it for anyone else ... it sets a terrible precedent.

No matter how you slice it, Florida is well represented on both lists.

Beauty Brands believes in making people feel good about themselves and increasing self-esteem. That's one of the reasons we love to welcome professionals like Michael O'Rourke to work with our customers and offer them a great new look.

It is young love. It is Jane Austen in love, something you've never seen before, a complete departure from the usual oblique portrait of her as a spinster.

It's a statewide trend. It's not concentrated in any one part of the state.

I'm sure, before the Census begins, we make cities aware of rules like that.

Some people have a value that is worth paying for.