Robby Krieger
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"Robert Alan "Robby" Krieger" is an American rock guitarist and songwriter. He was the guitarist in The Doors, and wrote or co-wrote many of the band's songs, including "Light My Fire", "Love Me Two Times", "Touch Me (The Doors song)/Touch Me", and "Love Her Madly".

He is listed as number 76 on Rolling Stone"s list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

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Most groups today aren't groups. In a true group all the members create the arrangements among themselves.

It doesn't dampen my enthusiasm. It's just an annoyance. It seems like the better you're doing, the more that happens. If nothing's going on, nobody cares.

We made some mistakes. We had some managers we didn't like and had to get rid of, and that cost some money. Stuff like that. But overall, we did really well.

Jim died in 1971, and the problem of trying to replace him was insurmountable at that time. But after 30 years or so goes by, it doesn't seem so insurmountable.