I'd like to know that too, because I've got TV partners all over the world asking me.

We'd like to think before too long that would happen. I think that would be fantastic.

The teams came out of last year's event feeling this was a very positive step for NASCAR and I think that shows by the starting grid. Teams vote by their attendance, and I think it's clear by the group you're going to have that they believe in this event.

We put a system in place for operations and logistics last year, when the task was on us to prove that this could work. Going into the second year, it's always easier after you've had a dry run and people have been through the race once.

We are not planning on globe-trotting, but we believe there is a tremendous opportunity for our industry to grow in North America.

There isn't a oval that is suitable today for that type of event.

For the most part, it was to take a look at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to get a sense, could you potentially do some type of race at that facility?

I wouldn't judge everything off just one weekend. You have to believe it's having an impact, so look at it three to five years from now and measure the impact. I think it's fantastic to have three solid teams and drivers participating that weren't there last year.

I get Canadian TV at home and the newspapers, and people know, whether it's Formula One or Champ Car or whatever, Canadian races are some of the best promoted, best attended, most enjoyable races. Canadians have a passion for racing.