If you're going to be small, you'd better do things well fundamentally. It's very important to spread the floor and let penetration, quickness and shooting dictate the outcome.

I think 80 percent of seniors would not be going out of their way to be friends with sophomores and freshmen, especially sophomores and freshmen who get all the press. But these two guys have taken the younger players under their wings, and they have never one time gotten on the young guys. They deserve so much credit.

Our kids played extremely hard. (Harding) just shot so well.

They're a couple of special guys.

We are not quite big enough to defend the post one-on-one. When they make the first few like that, that puts a lot of strain on our defense to go from post to recovering out on the perimeter.

It's very satisfying to see seniors get this far. We're very proud of our young guys who were able to step up and compete against some good players.