"Rob Stevenson" is an American music executive and currently the Executive Vice President of A&R at Universal Republic Records, reporting to both President/CEO Monte Lipman and Co-President/COO Avery Lipman. Stevenson's artists have sold over 50 million TEAS.

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I feel that Lafayette has had a great mental depression the last couple of months due to the hurricane. We cannot change the past ... so we have to look to the future.

There's no rationale to go out there with aggressive earnings guidance. Why do anything to derail the rally?

We're building a log-term football culture with programs such as this. It's for coaches from minor football up to junior and college.

There's no doubt that operating fundamentals are nowhere near as strong as they were in the late '90s. So, if you had people that were forecasting that sort of rebound, they've been sorely disappointed. Our views have been much more moderate in terms of our expected improvement.

The need for this just doesn't go away because of a natural disaster.

You're going to be able to drive a truck through their guidance ranges in a lot of cases.