When I went to school, I didn't think I would have a restaurant so quickly, but I always wanted to get back downtown. Paine's is kind of a place for everyone.

I'm trying to teach my guys consistency. Consistency is the key to success in the restaurant business. If you come in here tonight and you order the filet mignon, and you come back in a month to find its all different, you're not going to be as happy. You're going to want it to be just as perfect as last time, and that's what we're striving for.

I wish it would get a move on. It's frustrating. We've come a long way and now we are sitting here in a hot, damp, leaking building.

We're losing twice, we're losing money and we're losing the confidence of the people in the township.

Every item in the warehouse is mobile.

The show basically charts life. Youthful optimism, brash idealism, first love, setbacks, relationships, the drive to keep on improving one's self and life, ending on an optimistic note for the future. There is no definite script of the show. Instead we follow musical paths.

If you use a good product and prepare it simply, you're going to get a good end product. I use a lot of fresh vegetables from local farmers. We're known for our rotisserie-roasted prime rib, but now we're going to be doing it over a hard-wood grill, so it will bring out the flavor even more. It's things like that.

If you want to go to Carnival, you go to Rio.