Say down, say down, right Charlie.

I'm seeing a degree of toughness. I'm seeing a degree of confidence that they can and will be in any ballgame they play in. I'm seeing a team that's going to rush the football as the year goes on and be able to throw it downfield as the year goes on.

I think it's closer to what we expect the offense at Clemson to be. I think there was much more mixture, different types of plays.

I hope that we continue to rush the ball really effectively. I think we can build on that. When we rush the ball and do a good job with our screen game, I think our drop-back pass game will continue to improve. ... That's usually the last thing to come together.

It's like building a home. You've got to build a great foundation in terms of their basic knowledge, and then you can put anything you want on that foundation if you build the foundation the right way.

He still has to develop his game in terms of awareness and game management and just the ability to move the team.

I coached at Maryland for five years. We were statistically as impressive a team as you can be on offense for many of those years. We couldn't win games. I want to win here.