He's had a career against us alone.

This comes about every time a new console comes out. It's real easy to say 'look at all of this cool console stuff and PC is dead.' And now, with all the new releases, it just spreads it out.

He was as close to a power back as we're going to get, ... He had an outstanding game.

The park is still going to be noisier than it should be from a business that the FAA seems to want to refuse to regulate. Grand Canyon National Park should be a place where nature prevails, not the almighty dollar.

Obviously, our thoughts are with Andy and we'll give him tremendous support as he recovers from this.

If people want to walk up there and put memorials, that has a place, if it's important to them. But it has to be managed, otherwise some people would build enormous edifices on the mountain.

It's poetic justice that the game ended this way. This was a very even game.

It's a great platform to play a football game. We love playing there.