I told them to forget the last 16 minutes and go out and play hard for the next 16 and try to make it respectable.

We had too many turnovers in the first quarter that pretty much started our downfall from the beginning. We panicked too much in the first quarter and we weren't really running our offensive sets that well.

Mel is playing really well right now. Collins was on tonight. She wasn't missing any three-point shots and she totally amazed me.

We got our heads out of the clouds and we finally went out and started playing a little harder than we did in the first 16 minutes.

It feels awesome to end the season like this. To have Courtney (Hirst) go out and Abby (Herrick) go out with a win on Senior Night is incredible.

When you come into this gym, you never know what's going to happen. The fact that we came out here and presented ourselves strong in the first half, I think we set the tempo for the rest of the game and our kids got confidence when we had a 12-point lead at halftime and it just flourished into the second half.