We haven't played a course close to that. That's tour length.

This is two-, 36-hole tournament. You can't worry about a bad hole, or try to make up for it in one shot. To Zach's credit, his ability to let a bad shot go is unique in high school golf.

He (Keller) was in trouble off the tee all day. He did a good job of getting it up and down. He did again.

I think Zach is the first to qualify for the state tournament, It was the highest I've ever seen his dad jump. He's not an athlete, but he was up there.

I think the whole key to Craig is similar to Curtis. He grew up with a golf club in his hand and learned at an early age how to play the game. He's been a consistent ball striker for us for four years. His senior year he finally grew into his body. He's one of those young pups that just pounds the ball which is why I didn't bet him on the side.

I think it shows that these are all outstanding kids.

He's been the picture of consistency. Zach has putted well all year long.

We're going down there with the idea he's a junior and let's have fun.

It was a great experience for our kids. We owe them a big thanks of gratitude.