I was probably the happiest guy around.

I think after we played together (for Canada) at the world championships we had a taste and it was a lot of fun. We thought it would be nice to experience it for a whole season.

He's got the sweetest hands I think I've seen on a guy. He doesn't panic with the puck at all. He doesn't let too much intimidate him or rattle him out there, and that's a big thing.

The chances are coming. We've got to find a way to bury them.

On the road we get a point tonight and that's all right, it would have been nice to get the other point.

Both teams want to win so bad. I think their team got a little frustrated and things happened. It's a big win for us. We know they're a very capable team. They've had our number early in the season. We had a better team effort from everybody, and we needed it.

It was one of those ones where I'm just trying to get in front of the goalie and battle for good position.

I've been in New Jersey for a long time, a lot of memories, and to make a decision like this is difficult to do.

The Stanley Cup finals, that was a good lesson for me.