Chris doesn't score but he does so many things that people don't see. He defends, he rebounds, gets in the passing lanes, steals. You want him on the floor.

He?s our tallest guy but yet he?s our best shooter. And for him to not be out there we?re definitely searching.

NFA just played good defense. They took away a lot of the things we like to do with their zone defenses. We just never got into a good flow offensively the whole night.

The kid is a warrior.

In our league, we are forced to face one good team after another. (Tonight) is just one more.

He has a lot of pride playing defense and he just chased him around all night long. ..He?s got that mentality.

He reminded me today of the Willis Reed thing.

It's all the flow of the game. We may try to limit their touches as many times as possible, but we aren't going to reinvent the wheel.

That was a momentum shift for NFA with that run in the second quarter. They went to that half-court trap and that gave us a lot of problems. That (trap) slowed us down and created the tempo they wanted to play at.