It was made for me. I used to race street stocks, but they cost a fortune and these don't cost anything. I think I won enough money to pay this car off already. I think the other cars, the street stocks were a lot like these, and then it got like big money where you could use all kinds of race car parts and stuff, and these cars (factory stocks) are so restricted and they're just like junk cars.

I hope people come to watch, but I'd be racing if there were nobody here. I just get out there and run the hell out of it.

There's a couple nights that get pretty crazy and you get a little nervous. Usually, you get nervous before you go out and as soon as I go out on the track it just goes away, the butterflies or whatever. It's always been that way. Not as much (now) since I've been doing it a lot.

Well, the idea is to win. When I first started I used to have a plan, and then as soon as the race starts the plan would go right out the window and you would just race. You have to pick and choose (your spots) as you go.