Rob Lanier
FameRank: 4

"Rob Lanier" is The Associate Head Men's basketball coach at the University of Texas. In 2002, as the coach of Siena College, he led the Saints to the 2002 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament/NCAA Tournament. Siena defeated Alcorn State in the Opening Round and lost to the eventual National Champion, Maryland Terrapins. In 2003, he led Siena to the Third Round of the National Invitational Tournament with wins over Western Michigan and Villanova.

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There was a school of thought that we would get a pass for this year because the expectations were so low. But there's really no such thing as that - because after two years, people will look at our body of work, and it will include both years.

Part of what makes Dave successful is that he's one of the most pessimistic guys that you're going to find. He's always going to find a cloud in that silver lining. I think that's what keeps him motivated. So I don't think the motivation is going to come from anything other than the drive and the passion that Dave has instilled in this group.