Every game, Robert's getting better and better. He's kept us in so many games this year with his goaltending.

We settled down and battled hard for the rest of the game. Medford's probably the best team we've faced, and we were pretty competitive.

Hopefully, it's the kind of week we can build on for the rest of the season.

That was the best overall effort we've had this season. Revere was a very good team. It was just too bad we had to tie and not win.

He had a shutout against Marian, and it really started to boost him up. He's playing his best hockey right now.

The kids have been battling all year. We just need to have a couple of the younger kids step up. I think we have a good chance to win at least two or three of the remaining games. Hopefully, we can have a strong finish to a pretty tough season.

I think we have a few guys who carry the offensive load. When they don't score, people tend to stand around a little bit.

Each game we're getting better. I think they just have to realize what it takes to finish strong enough to win a game.

We're playing hard, but we're not finishing. I don't know if it's conditioning or a mental thing, but it's disappointing because we play great for 42 minutes and let it slip away at the end of games.