If you go the route of using a range finder, don't make the mistake of trying it out for the first time when you're turkey hunting. A little pre-season preparation at home will go a long way toward success later.

More women are participating in hunting, shooting and other outdoor sports every year. These women purchase equipment, food and other supplies while providing jobs and economic opportunities for local communities. They also support the future of hunting by encouraging children to hunt.

When considering all the reasons for missed shots or lost birds, failure to accurately judge the distance to a target is probably the most common. A hunter must be able to determine when a turkey is close enough to make a clean kill. Just like patterning your shotgun prior to the season, you should also practice judging distance.

Patriotism is one of the core values of the NWTF. We are indebted to our troops and veterans and honor them in any way we can.

Today's youth are tomorrow's conservationists and if we don't instill in them a love of the outdoors at an early age, the hunting and conservation tradition could be lost. We need to hook them on hunting at an early age, so they become appreciative of the hunting tradition. This will also increase hunter retention and ensure the future of conservation remains strong.