It's really frustrating. Everything was off the back rim or in and out.

After the Highland game, I got the lecture from the coaches to shoot more, so I've been trying to be more aggressive on the offensive end. I had my opportunities tonight and my teammates did a good job of getting me the ball.

I've got to work harder to create my own shot. The first few quarters, I put way too much burden on (Martin).

I think it's definitely realistic for us to be a contender.

He's just showing us what could possibly happen if we keep working hard.

I just wanted to see an ACC game. But it's a big-time program, nice coaches and nice players. It was a great atmosphere.

I've been too passive (on offense) and I thought about that a lot on my visit to N.C. State.

Hopefully we can keep getting these kind of crowds. I'm not sure what it was like in 1994, but I hope they'll keep coming.

Me and Scott need to take the ball and we need to take over games, not chucking the ball off the wall like we did tonight. We have to play with more energy. If not, we won't be playing long in the tournament.