Some customers are seeing increases up to 70 percent.

At a time you have a situation where you're going to either legislate or regulate in the marketplace, that never has a good outcome. Certainly that would be the case here.

(We presented the) $600 million plan for the benefit of our rate payers. We thought we had an agreement. The credit agencies, the rating agencies, those are key to us. The more damaging effects to us, the more costly it is to borrow money.

Constellation Energy is very supportive of these new rules.

We are not going to be doing this on the cheap. We want them to be very clear on what choices they're going to make.

Before we talk about re-regulating, we should be looking at the fact that we've really not allowed the marketplace to take hold.

We're extremely troubled by the prospect that the legislature is attempting to hold our proposed merger hostage, and to that end we will be considering all options, including the legal route.

Because of the merger and the benefits that it will accrue, we're able to come to the table with a $600 million proposal. It equates out to every single residential electric customer will see $450 thereabouts on their bill over 10 years.