It was a marriage of art and science. What they told us appeared to be dead-on and we haven't had any reason to question it.

It was just an amazing sight. It looks like huge stacks of huge ice cubes.

It ended up being a minimal event, but the guidance from those two guys was just beautiful to see.

During halftime we discussed how to improve the crispness of our play. We wanted better passing and better ball movement.

There was no way we could be positive the old ice had grounded.

The first goal was textbook. You have players running to their spot. All the players were in their spot and Kristen Huffman was in the clean up spot.

I was very impressed. The problem was identified early. We put the information together and made decisions based on what the elders said.

She's got a pretty strong kick. These were some of the best corner kicks this team has done. They were consistent today. I think our corner kick offense has gotten well organized.

They explained that the old ice crushed the new ice, broke it up. Then, it pushed onshore and blocked the road.