Rob Cohen
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"Robert "Rob" Cohen" is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter.

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If I do The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad I'll definitely be coming back to Australia for all the interior work, ... I'd do the exteriors in southern China. Frankly, the Stealth experience merely proved that if you do run into problems in Australia, you can solve them.

Be happy or die.

We were really lucky.

That whole thing with the dragonfly in the Blue Mountains, that really wasn't anything to do with Stealth , ... It could have been a movie about two people at a picnic making love in the woods. We were sort of caught in the middle of someone else's fight.

I was glad that the protesters prevailed and we didn't shoot there. The sad fact is that that movies, at their core, are environmentally unfriendly.

We built these amazing-looking futuristic planes entirely in Australia at Fox [Studios]. The techno stuff, Lizzy Gardiner's costumes ... I can't rave about the place enough, and if my next project comes off I'd shoot it in Australia without hesitation.

I think there's a love of infamy and heroism that doesn't play into the zeitgeist.

The crew in Australia was the best I ever had.