It shows a visual, graphic alternative to thirsty turf grass.

He's been to the Web site. He's followed some of the guys up to the A's. That's what I want to try to encourage. That tie between teams. There's probably half of the guys who would know who the River Cats are and probably four or five who would know exactly that they are the Triple-A affiliate of the Oakland A's.

We've been through this before. There's been discussion about it, but nothing ever really happened. I wonder this time if it won't just because of the speed that they're getting all this information out.

If they combine a Schuyler-Brown FSA, they still have a NRCS office sitting in each county. We work so closely together. We're back and forth over there all the time. Somewhere they have to consider the fact we still need to be co-located and how does the restructuring of FSA fit in with NRCS.

When I looked at the logo, I thought the cat coming across the bridge was very kid friendly. I laid out three or four of them. I had kids of my own who were 10 and 11 at the time and asked them. That was the one that jumped out. It was cool.