Ridley Scott
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"Sir Ridley Scott" is an English film director and producer. Following his commercial breakthrough with the science-fiction horror film Alien (film)/Alien (1979), his best-known works are the neo-noir dystopian science fiction film Blade Runner (1982), the drama Thelma & Louise (1991), the epic historical drama Gladiator (2000 film)/Gladiator (2000), which won a Best Picture Oscar, the war film Black Hawk Down (film)/Black Hawk Down (2001), the crime thriller Hannibal (film)/Hannibal (2001), the comedy-drama Matchstick Men (2003), the epic historical drama Kingdom of Heaven (film)/Kingdom of Heaven (2005), the biographical crime film American Gangster (film)/American Gangster (2007), the epic adventure film Robin Hood (2010 film)/Robin Hood (2010), and the sci-fi film Prometheus (2012 film)/Prometheus (2012).

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You have two people who are on two separate sides where a relationship is impossible, yet they come together.

We're suffering from saturation, overkill. The market place is flooded by demand, and there are too many films, so everything gets watered down. Demand is the boss and everything bends to that will. Bigger and not necessarily better shows seem to be the order of the day. I can't watch most of them.

We're suffering from saturation, overkill.

A Year in Provence.

Different project that I abandoned. And I almost did the Phil Spector story there for a while.