We're just striving to get guys through this week. I'm hoping to get between four and eight guys through. If we get eight, that would be great. If we get four, it's going to be a struggle. We usually end up right in the middle of what I think, so we'll probably get five or six.

It's on everyone's mind. It's not really looking ahead. We take one tournament at a time, but each tournament extends your season.

If you have a three or four guys go deep, you can win the State Open. You've got to get everybody to wrestle well and get your team points. That's what we're going to try to do.

We had a really good tournament and we had guys wrestle hard. New Milford also had a great tournament. This says a lot for wrestling in our two little towns.

Franklin High is here and Amity added some tough kids. Look at New Milford. They were second last year and they're fourth this year. Fourth with a good team that is top 10 in the state. We added some tough teams to the tournament this year.

They knew that part of our goal was to have 11-12. After this week it is seven to nine for New England's. If we have only four or five it won't help too much. The last two weeks we have talked a lot as a team about goals. This tournament was one of them.

He wrestled kids from Virginia, Ohio, Minnesota and New Jersey. It was unbelievable. We never had anyone place before. It's pretty special.

It was a little harder this year. This is 18 out of 19, but we had some tough competition.