Ricky Phillips
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"Ricky Lynn Phillips" is an United States/American bass guitarist and the current bass player for the rock band Styx (band)/Styx. He has also played in Nasty Habit, as a member of The Babys and Bad English, and with Coverdale-Page and Ted Nugent.

Phillips and his former Bad English bandmate Neal Schon also played with former Montrose (band)/Montrose members Sammy Hagar and Denny Carmassi on a live version of the Montrose song "Rock Candy".

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That's how we came up with the name, it was songs that were from the beginning of our universe as musicians.

We decided the only way to make a cover record special was to do the songs that influenced us when we were younger.

Styx is a very exclusive club. The band doesn't think of it as the new Styx -- they think of it as a continuum.

He's fitting in really well. He's fitting into the scheme surprisingly well. He's a quick learner; he learned the defense really quick from what I hear. Personality-wise, he's great.