We're just hitting the ball real well. It's nice to be able to sit back and enjoy this. But we know it's going to get tougher.

That night I really got a chance to see him. He gave up a home run, but I told him he's going to see the ball go out of the park. But he stood in there and he fought.

We've been hitting the ball very well. The kids know that they need to hit the ball.

You can't ask for a game like this. Against that guy, the way he battled out there and how we responded, I can really take this one in stride.

He had that competitiveness about him, but if something [bad] happened he would just fall apart. Now with the way he is, he takes it in stride and keeps going.

We knew we had to play.

When his senior year comes around, there will be some pro scouts looking at him.

I thought everybody we played (in the tournament) was pretty deep with talent compared to where we were at, and they were a lot deeper. We knew when we went there that we had to play if we were going to survive in that tournament.

We needed to see some good quality pitching and that's what we did. That tournament has a reputation for being a good tournament.