And who wouldn't want to play Juliet. There is also some interaction with the audience. I would never have agreed to do a play with only three actors if I didn't really love it. And the play itself is a draw ? it has a large following.

If a carcass is unconsumed for a day, anthrax within the animal has a chance to form spores, and these spores are incredibly resistant. That's how the disease spreads. So you set yourself up for increased incidence of disease — both animal and human.

It's like a cure-all for veterinarians. It's like the doctor telling us to take two aspirin.

You've got to have the game plan down because what we have to do is shut U.S. 1 down.

We're kind of in the position that everybody's innocent until proven guilty.

It causes kidney failure in the vultures. The kidneys shut down so the uric acid precipitates inside and on the surface of internal body organs. It destroys the animal inside and out within 24 to 72 hours.