Rick Venturi
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"Rick Venturi" is a former American football player and coach. He served as the head coach at Northwestern University and as longtime National Football League assistant coach known for his Defense (sports)/defense. As the head coach at Northwestern from 1978 to 1980, Venturi's record was 1–31–1. He coached the beginning segment the Northwestern Wildcats football/Northwestern Wildcats' Division I (NCAA)/NCAA Division I record 34-game losing streak. Venturi has served as the defensive coordinator with the Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, and St. Louis Rams. Venturi also served as an interim head coach, in 1991 NFL season/1991 with the 1991 Indianapolis Colts season/Colts and 1996 NFL season/1996 with the 1996 New Orleans Saints season/Saints. As a head coach in the NFL, his career record stands at 2–17.

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You know me, give me a field and a blackboard, and I'm ready to coach football. I don't mean to sound insensitive, but that's just how it is. But I think, for all the personal reasons, we need to know where we are going to be for this season.

Will Smith is as fine as any player I've ever been around.

He looks so much more poised from when we played him last year. By the way the crow flies, it's only six games since we played him. But he's so much smoother out there.

He's got his sea legs back. It's critical that he doesn't bleed us to death.