Rick Stockstill
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"Rick Stockstill" is an American football head coach for the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders football program. He was a Florida State Seminoles football/Florida State quarterback under coach Bobby Bowden from 1977 to 1981. On December 12, 2005, Stockstill was hired as the 14th head coach of the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders.

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Coming into it I told them we were looking for some leadership. Looking into it, I thought we had some guys who made a couple plays. Pierre Ingram made some plays.

I said I'd do anything to help this cause and the students at this university.

I think we've improved. We got to get stronger as a football team. Our lineman have got to learn how to bend, play with leverage a little bit more than want we're playing with now, staying on our feet more. We got to get better at wide receiver. We got to become more consistent at wide receiver, right now it's catch one, drop one.

On the defensive side of the ball, we signed a couple defensive linemen that are edge type guys who can come off the edge and are athletic. They have good bodies and can get bigger as they work in the weight room.

It's an invaluable tool. Like yesterday, when you're only allowed one phone call to a kid. You can keep communicating, and text messaging. It just allows you to stay in touch.

It's a great privilege to be on ESPN. It's a great honor for our football team and this university to be on national television.

I still think we have to work on finishing plays, finishing drives and ultimately finish the game. Offensively, we came out and drove down to the 15 or 20, but we can't punch it in and that's a credit to the defense. They gave up some big chunks early but they got down there and bowed their neck and stuffed the offense pretty good.