Rick Spielman
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"Rick Spielman" is the General Manager of the National Football League/NFL's Minnesota Vikings. He was promoted to General Manager in 2012 after spending 2006–2011 as the team's Vice President of Player Personnel. He formerly worked for ESPN on NFL Live.

Spielman is a graduate of Massillon Washington High School located in Massillon, Ohio and is the older brother of Chris Spielman, the former Detroit Lions linebacker.

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(Pre-draft trades) do happen from time to time, like Denver and San Francisco. But a lot of the reasons teams don't do picks for picks before the draft is because you want to go on the clock. You want to see if anyone calls during your allotted time because you might get a better deal.

I don't think so. Dave's philosophy is that you have a rock-solid defense, and you complement it with a strong running game. We like to run the football. I'm sure we'll take into account the strengths of the guys we have here and try to play to their specific skills.

From then on, each week he kept growing and growing, probably getting more confidence in himself. He's a year more mature. He's been through about everything. He's been in a pressure situation already as a rookie in a championship game. So I think he'll continue to grow and continue to improve and become one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

The surprising thing was how well the offense came together.

(Greenway) didn't have eye-popping speed numbers (4.75 in the 40-yard dash). But he does play faster than his 40 time. He's going to be a good football player in this league. He's instinctive and he's tough.