Rick Renteria
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"As a manager:"

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"Richard Avina Renteria" (born December 25, 1961) is an American former Major League Baseball infielder, coach and manager. Renteria played in parts of five seasons between 1986 and 1994 with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Seattle Mariners, and Florida Marlins. He then coached and managed in the Marlins organization until 2001, and in the San Diego Padres organization until 2013. He was the manager of the Chicago Cubs in 2014.

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They keep doing a very good job. They've been very reliable.

He had a good arm and he came right after us. The kid's pretty good. I have to tip my hat to him. I thought he made some decent pitches in certain situations.

Cesar did a really nice job. I thought it was a positive for him to leave the game in that situation.

It happens sometimes. Tonight it happened to us, so we'll use it to make a correction. Everybody has to understand: You stay on the base until somebody sends you back.

It got a little squeaky there at the end, but (Davidson and Jamison) got us through.

He was up in the zone a little too much.

It was just something that we had do. It's an in-house thing.

He did a great job. He put the bat on the ball and put it deep, which was what he needed to.

They attacked the strike zone. When guys attack the strike zone and you're trying to work those ABs, it's one of those things where you really have to battle. When you get guys like that (throwing strikes), it's a tough battle.